The fact is that there just isn't a lot of low carb Asian meals out there in restaurants. Trust me I have looked. So much of the food is deep fried, contains noodles, or is covered in some sugary sauce. Usually when I go somewhere of the Asian variety now it is because my wife wants the food. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, Panda Express was a staple of my old diet and cream cheese wontons are my kryptonite. but those things are too much of a temptation these days.

So what happens if you end up there and you got to get something, Well it happened to me this past weekend when the family wanted Pei Wei. I hoped on-line as quick as possible and check out the nutritional info. Not a ton of choices. I decided that I would give the Thai Dynamite Beef a go. I imagine the Beef and Broccoli would have been a good choice too.

The Thai Dynamite Beef was pretty good. It had a nice light crunch to it and there was a nice tangy flavor. Its not too sweet, but has just enough to give it that light Asian taste you want. I only wish I had some more veggies with the meal. Perhaps my next visit I will try to sub out the rice for some fresh veggies and see what happens.

Carbs - 15
Dietary Fiber - 2
Net Carbs - 13



Chris Walden
04/07/2012 12:04

Good suggestion. I found myself at a Pei Wei and your article helped. I did drop the rice and added veggies. It was only a dollar extra.

Poor Mans Atkins
04/12/2012 08:03

Good Suggestion Chris. Extra veggies sounds perfect!

06/03/2012 19:23

One issue, check the serving size because most of their regular entrees, are actually two servings...just be careful.

10/04/2012 09:27

Thanks! This was a life saver!

02/12/2013 10:04

I like your suggestion for eating low-carb at peiwei but I am curious as to why you left out the carb calculations for the white rice you ate? Likewise, I am curious on your selection of white rice over brown rice?

Poor Mans Atkins
02/12/2013 15:09

Rice has plenty of carbs and so I usually avoid it. Although the food came with it, you don't have to eat it. Or ask for it on the side. Still keeps it low carb.


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