The other day I was craving an old American favorite that I just don't get to enjoy like I used to. Mac and cheese. Obviously the carbohydrates in Mac and cheese mostly come from the Mac potion of the meal and it's hard to have Mac and cheese with out the noodles. However there is a way to do this with the invention of low carb noodles and you can do it really easy in no time at all.
    Since this is POOR Mans Atkins and not Fancy Mans Atkins I went the cheap and easy route to make my Mac and cheese. Really there's only two things you need for the recipe. Mac and cheese. The cheese part is simple. Velveeta cheese brand melts extremely well and is the perfect choice for this type of recipe. All it requires is to be melted and your in good shape. Yes, you could use fancier more delicious cheeses and cook it in a fancier way, but guess what, I don't have the time for fancy today. I used about two ounces of cheese for my recipe and that's about 3-4 carbs according to the package.
    Part two of the recipe is the Mac part. I mentioned Dreamfield's low carb pasta in a past post and said that it may not be for everyone and I can't even say for sure that it works, although I personally believe it does simply based off the "results" I get of it passing through my system. Yes I just went there. All that to say, make the noodles( I used spaghetti noodles) and add the cheese and you have some low carb old school dinner. You can even add some peppers, or do what I did in my recipes and add some yummy thick cut bacon pieces for a little extra flavor. It was so tasty and only took about 10 minutes to make.

Carb per serving : around 10


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