We love Italian sausage at my house. 

    Done making your jokes? OK good. Like I said, we love Italian sausage at my house. If you're ordering pizza it's usually safe to have sausage involved as an ingredient. When making a pasta sauce, we love it when its good and meaty. 

    Well the other day I was looking for something to make that would be super quick and easy since my wife and I both had rehearsals for theater shows we were doing. In a moment of quick thinking I decided to go the Italian sausage sandwich route.

    I cooked up some mild Italian sausage.
    Grilled up some peppers and onions.
    Tossed them all in some low carb tortillas with some Mozzarella Cheese and a low carb pasta sauce. 

    When it was all done we had some nice heart wraps. Now to be honest, these really deserve a good piece of bread as the tortilla was having hard time holding it all together, but it was still very tastey and only took a few minutes to whip together. Different enough to enjoy and quick for when you're in a hurry.

Est Carbs per Wrap 7


04/16/2012 08:32

I just had Jennie-o sweet italian sausage last night for dinner! Looks yummy!


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