El Pollo Loco. The Crazy Chicken. Chicken So good its nuts.

Chicken is a mainstay for us low carbers so it was only natural that eventually I would end up at a fast food place called El Pollo Loco. Because no matter what, I know they at least have chicken. Its good chicken too. It is full of flavor and grilled over an open flame so it very healthy. Unfortunatly many of the menu items they incorporate the chicken into have high carb counts. There is one thing on the menu that's pretty tasty however. The Grilled Chicken Salad (it doesn't sound like much, but give it a chance.)

I like cilantro. I don't think I always have. I may have not even known what it was prior to moving to California. I mean Its not like the Midwest is known for their fields of fresh cilantro. After I came here I began to recognize this sweet new taste in many different Mexican dishes I would eat. The flavor sticks out to me a lot more now and I must say I appreciate what it brings to the right meal. The salad I had today for lunch was that right meal.

Salad includes
Romaine & iceberg lettuce
Cotija cheese
Pico De Gallo salsa
& tasty Chopped Boneless chicken breast.
Creamy Cilantro Dressing
(Salad comes with Tortilla Strips and Corn, but ask to take it off to drastically drop the carbs down)

I like to add a small side of guacamole for a little extra flavor to the salad and you can always add a little more salsa if you want some extra fiber. The dressing goes a long way since its so creamy as smooth so less is more here. This salad has a real nice fresh taste to it unlike many other fast food salads that feel premade and sit in a cooler waiting to be ordered. All in all for a fast food salad, I give it 5 stars. i really liked it.

One Salad (minus tortilla strips and corn)
Carbs - 13
Fiber - 5
Net Carbs - 8



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