Some days at my work my boss is cool enough to by my coworkers and I lunch. This usually happens when we have a meeting planned and often times he give us the option of choosing where we want to get food from. Since we are all creatures of habit and there are just a few of us in our department its usually one of three or four places we choose. Our big go-to place for the past year is one of my all time favorite places to eat. Its a sports bar called Wingnuts in Costa Mesa, CA and of course their specialty is hot wings. They have about 30 different sauces to choose from but my go to flavor is Soy Ginger. Its sooo Good and not to sweet so the carb count is lower!!!! Now of course they have traditional wings which are a great low carb option, but they also have boneless strips that they make and they are some of my favorite around. 

    I know, I know, the breading on the strips is carbs. I understand that fully, but these strips are much lighter on the breading than most others are and heavy on the flavor. I seriously love Wingnuts! My buddies and I had an ongoing tradition for a while where we went almost every friday. They even made me a member of a special club called the Pile High Club. No joke. I've almost earned a plaque on the wall.
    So that happened.

    The Super-bowl that is. Giants won and the commercials played. I played on my phone and ate too many wings. It came and it went and I am the same. If I was completely honest I would say that I kind of hate the Super-bowl. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate football, I enjoy watching a few games every year and I route for my hometown team when a big game comes on. The Super-bowl is different. It's too forced. Its pretty much become a new American holiday where we all celebrate football and commercials. I feel forced to watch this three hour game and spend most of my Sunday watching two teams play that I don't even really care about. Next thing you know my Sunday is over and I feel like its back to work on Monday again. I'm seriously considering not participating in this game day thing anymore. Why not use that day to go do things that would normally require standing in line. I bet you would be done much quicker. Imagine what the Apple store is like.


    The one good thing about the Super bowl is the food. Although much of it is junk food that we low carb folk need to stay away from, it it the one day where we can gorge ourselves on chicken wings and meatballs and not feel like we are being judged. That I like. That I did yesterday. Today I do feel a little bit like I have a wing hangover, but it could be so much worse.

Heres some of the lower carb football snacks that could be found at our place yesterday.

Wings (Soy ginger and Carolina BBQ)
Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce
Cream Cheese in Salami wraps
& Veggies


    Well, Thanksgiving was about 2 weeks ago and I think its finally out of my system. I weighed in yesterday and everything seems to be back on track. Unfortunately this happens as we enter danger season A.K.A. Christmas time.

    I love Christmas. The smell of pine, the music, the yummy coffee drinks, the lights. Its just a warm and cozy time of year. However, I will say, for some reason it never really feels that much like Christmas until I see a James Bond movie. Already got mine in this year thanks to Instant Netflix. I watched The World Is Not Enough. Who picked Denise Richards as a bond girl? Every time she spoke I wanted to punch her in the mouth. Not that being a bond girl requires that you studied at Juilliard for acting, but I am pretty sure they could have put lipstick on a mop and gotten a better performance then she gave. But I digress. 

    Christmas is a time to be with the ones you love and to be with friends and family. My wife and I spent some time with friends the other night decorating sugar cookies. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea right. Lets just roll around in frosting and sugary sprinkles for an hour or so and see what happens. Well, I am proud to say, not much happened. I stayed strong and didn't go near them, which is more than I can say for the people I was with. 

    We also spent some time running errands and doing some Christmas shopping this week. Its usually customary when doing shopping of prolong periods to get a little hungry. That's definitely true for my wife and I. We were making our rounds in Target and we were both hit with the sweet smell of mini pizzas by the express Pizza Hut by the entrance. We ignored as best as we could, but knew we wouldn't make it long without something in our guts. That's when the Heavens parted and God sent an Angel. WingStop.

    We got some garlic Parmesan and some bbq. It was in the words of Schmidt from the new Fox hit series New Girl "Scrummy". Did I mention how awesome it is to have a wife that eats wings. Well it is. 

    My biggest challenge as of late has been the FroYo place down the street. They do a new Christmas flavor each day. I kind of have an appreciation for FroYo and that amplifies with flavors like gingerbread and white chocolate. I picked up some Low carb Ice cream last night so hopefully having that around will make things easier. 

    Anyway. all that to say is that the closer to the holiday of Christmas it get, the harder it is to eat right. Next week I have two Christmas parties for work. one will be difficult, the other I shall refer to as Meatmas. Expect to get details of the slaughter soon.