"Don't bother me...I'm eating." That's kinda rude if you ask me. Personally I think it's about time Carls Jr. starts making up for their snarky ways by helping out the customer a bit.

Well they've listened. Not everyone knows this, but Carls has introduced an alternative options section to their menu. It includes, gluten sensitive, vegi, and of course low carb options. And even though they don't have it on the menu, you can actually order any of their food this way. If you say "Low carb it" or simply ask for any sandwich lettuce wrapped they will ditch the bun and you are in business.

With this in mind I decided I would go for Carls Jr.'s version of the Big Mac or what they call the Big Carl. Two pattys of beef, two slices of cheese, special sauce (the secret is love), and its all wrapped up in some lettuce. Its basically that, is a simple burger. Your not going to get much carbs with this one since its mostly meat and lettuce. The ones you do get are coming from that special sauce, so you can always have them go light on it if you need to.

What Carls get right with this burger is how much lettuce they use when they wrap their burgers. They really wrap it. I actually find myself pulling off half the lettuce cause it is so much. This is great in comparison to some places that simply put a small leafy green on top of the patty when you ask for the low carb choice. When its finnished I feel full and satsifed. And its also nice to not have to cut my burger with a knife and fork. Well done Carls.

Carbs - 5
Dietary Fiber - 0
Net Carbs - 5



01/21/2011 10:19

Wow - I want this in the UK! Would be amazing to eat burgers without having to pick off the bun (not a nice look to try to eat!) when you need to eat on the run.

Loving the blog so far by the way, some great posts - and well done on your weight loss too!

11/18/2012 18:19

Hi there! I know this may be a little late wherever you are. But would it be okay if I used this blog post in my paper that I'm writing in my English class? I'm a college student at the University of Phoenix and am working towards my associates degree. You make a lot of valid points in your blog, and I have been reading it over and over again. It would be a perfect addition to my essay. I will even email you a copy if you want. Hope to hear from you soon.

Poor Mans Atkins
11/18/2012 18:25


Go right ahead and use it. What's the paper about? Hopefully not about bloggers that can't spell correctly, although I might qualify. :)


11/18/2012 19:00

Would you like a copy of the essay?

11/18/2012 18:30

The paper is about the pros and cons of fast food. Right now I'm working on the other side of fast food, and how the restaurants are contributing to the healthy food movement. :)

Poor Mans Atkins
11/18/2012 19:56

Sure. You can send it to poormansatkins@gmail.com.

06/03/2014 14:09

How many calories


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