We're gonna wreck it!

My wife and I found ourselves fortunate enough to have a friend get us into Disneyland during our time off from tour. Usually that means it's a full day affair. We get up early, get a bite to eat, and head into the park so we can spend a lot of time doing all the rides we want to do. But it can also mean eating quick and eating out, especially since we are on tour and don't alway have a kitchen. So what did this particular day look like for us? Let me break it down for you.

We started our day with a quick bite to eat from the local Jack in the Box. I opted for the Extreme sausage sandwich with no bun. Its eggs, cheese and sausage and it fill you up. And it runs about $2.69 so its not to bad for a quick breakfast fix. 
We were going to try to spend the whole day without eating in the park since we knew we had dinner plans for later that day. That was easier said than done. When you are surrounded by al the smells of a theme park at a certain point you break down and get something. We grabbed a bite at The Bengal BBQ which is are favorite spot in the park in Adventureland by the Jungle Cruise. They do kabobs and are pretty reasonable for theme park food. Each kabob is about $2.69-3.49. The veggie one is great because they load it up with yummy choices. 
The day ended at the Cheesecake Factory where we had plans to meet some extended family. I got myself a salad to keep it simple and light, but of course had to get a slice of the Low Carb Cheesecake with strawberries. Its soo good and you would never even notice the difference.
All in all the day was a success. We road Star Tours, the Nightmare Before Christmased Haunted Mansion, and of course since it was 87 degrees in November we took the plunge on Splash Mountain. Not a shabby day.
You know why we like Jack in the Box? I'll tell you. We like Jack in the Box cause they serve breakfast all day long. You want eggs at 9am? Sure thats normal. You want a sauage bowl at 3am? They wont judge you. matter of fact, I think that buisness minded clown gets it. They understand that sometimes breakfast tastes the best when its at the wrong time of day.

I like to get the Ultimate Sausage Sandwich with no bun. Its almost like a sausage omlette. Almost. 

2 Breakfast Sausage Patties ,1 Egg, 2 Slices Cheese. Its great and easy and it tastse great, partly due to all the wonderfully melted cheese they supply. 

Carbs - 2
Dietary Fiber - 0
Net Carbs - 3
To me Jack in the Box is the fast food chain that is the most honest about what it is. They do burgers, quickly, and cheaply. They aren't really known for being innovative with their food or for making healthy alternatives. Your not going to get a gourmet meal here. Any salads they unveil were probably unveiled months before at some other fast food place. They even use those "chicken" patties we all ate in elementary school for a couple of their sandwiches. The fact that Jack in the Box takes this approach oddly instills a level of confidence in me. When I want a big meaty simple burger I know that they can at least deliver that.

Their Ultimate Cheeseburger is just that. Two patties of meat, cheese, and some Mayo. Its really all you need. Nothing more. This was a burger I used to order even before I went into the low carb lifestyle because its always simple and hearty.

The flaw that I seem to find with getting the Ultimate Cheeseburger now is that Jack in the Box doesn't really have a system for making it low carb. They will do it for you if you ask, but they have no idea how to wrap it in lettuce. It's basically tossed on a leaf and put in a bowl. Still, if you don't mind eating it with a knife and fork its ok. Its an option and it tastes alright. Its not my favorite burger out there, but fills you belly and extremely low in carbs.

Carbs - 1
Dietary Fiber - 0
Net Carb - 1

Sometimes you just want meat.

Sometimes you need to eat something fast and you just want to avoid as many carbs as possible. The easiest way to do that is just have some meat and call it a day. Only problem is not many fast food places offer something so stripped down. Well, now Jack in the Box does with the Grilled Chicken Strips. 

It's pretty much just what it sounds like, a chicken breast cut into strips served at a fast food place. The plus side is that there's no carbs, but the down side is its just chicken, nothing else. When you only order meat your not going to get much nutrition with it so if you order it, order the side salad instead of fries with your combo so you can at least have some veggies.

Carbs - 0
Dietary Fiber - 0
Net Carbs - 0