This was passed on to me by Gillian Zimmer. How will you celebrate?

You had me at Cinnamon.

Ok, Apple Straws are pretty awesome. They remind me of those Cinnamon Twist that I used to get at Taco Bell as a kid. Only not as sugary, much healthier, and still just as tasty. 

Apple Straws are great if you are trying to fill a craving for something crunchy and sweet. I don't know that I would put these in the potato chip category, but they are pretty close. 

14 Carbs per 38 straws is a great number. Not perfect, but 38 straws goes a long way when you want to do some munching. 

Not for people doing induction, but everyone else, if you limit yourself they are a perfect snack. 

These aren't the best choice of fish out there for you. Especially since most fish by itself has zero carbs to begin with. When you add the breading it really messes with the carbs. Still, they are pretty tasty and if you are going to have a frozen breaded fish, then this one if probably going to be a slightly better choice for you than some other because of it being beer battered. The batter actually helps the carb count to be a little lower. It doesn't help much but it does help, and of course it makes the fish have a yummy flavor that is close to that of fish you would have if you were sitting in a little irish pub.  

Still if you wanted an even better option you could batter them yourself with a almond flour. Something I will show you in a future post. 
I don't know if its really worth saying anything about these. They are kind of like any other frozen meatball out there. If you are getting ones that are beef then you have a good chance of keeping your carb count down. Turkey may even be better but more expensive. These one are nice because they are a bit larger than other ones I have tried which is a plus.

They work great with a little ranch, bbq sause, or even marinara for a quick snack. I will even use them as a meal on occasion. Very quick to make also.

The Premier Protein Chocolate Shake has a good chocolate taste to it, and I would have no problem drinking one of these, but usually the chocolate flavored shakes taste less natural to me. This one had that chalky taste to it and you felt like you could taste more of the vitamins and nutrients in it. It's not awful, just not as smooth tasting as some of the other ones that are available

At two carbs per shake you can't beat that and it has a bunch of vitamin in it to help you get what you need. It's probably not going to fill you up by itself, but with a small snack you could easily make this a meal. 

I should mention that the Costco near us stocks these in bulk if you want to save a little money and stock up.

My wife and I use these when we make personalized pizzas with our low carb tortillas. No carbs I them. Regular pepperoni has maybe one or 2. Taste is pretty good too. You could use these on some cheese slices for a quick snack too.

I suppose your wondering where I've been. The correct answer to that question is in the lovely, cold desolate land of fatherhood. Wandering the dessert aimlessly trying to stay alive at all costs.

That's the short correct answer anyway.

The long answer is as follows...

I got a new job. I can honestly say for the first time in a long time that I really enjoy it too. Not too stressful, it's challenging, and for the most part each day I have been there I have left feeling a success. It's pretty exciting. Prior to being in this job I spent the last 11 months working at the giant of Costco. And while I can't say anything bad about the company itself, the job I had was pretty stupid. I was often bored, and felt misused. Talents wasted. That's not the case anymore.

My little girl is growing up more and more. She is jabbering each day now and figuring out how to manipulate her father through the perfect tones in her cries. It wont be long and I will be spending my midlife crisis funds on her Barbie dream house.

If you like a smile, I have been continuing my little experienment of posts that are Daddy Daughter Day related. Enjoy. or Don't. I don't care what you think. I like it.

It's been almost 6 months since my dad pasted away. I still think about him and miss him. His birthday would be this week. I know he was proud of me, but I know that I could do better than what he saw of me.

I am blessed with an amazing, forgiving, graceful wife that loves me and cares for me. She takes care of our daughter in a town she hardly knows, surrounded by people she hardly knows. She is pretty awesome.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will begin our new creative arts journey that brought us to Fargo. That's easier said than done sometimes though.

Oh yeah Fargo. I watched the show. Did you? I loved it and I live here. It's nothing like life here at all though. I mean, when we murder people its a lot less interesting. 
A movie I helped make is finally getting screened. If you live in PA you can see it. Here a link to info about it. Makin Wookiee

Outside of that I can't really say much else has been going on. I have had to try to hit Atkins hard a bit again. Mainly because my diet has strayed into dangerous territory. My previous job at Costco had me walking a lot. Like a-lot a-lot so I didn't have to exercise as much during the day. I got away with a lot more sneaky carbs. Those days are done now.

Ok well, I should go.

Whats up with you folks?

I saw this in the freezer section and I succumbed to its marketing. Meat made for men. I love meat, and I am a man. It makes sense. ManCave brand meats are the new thing.

I took home the Bacon Cheeseburger. I was curious if they could harness the flavor in a brat. actually its not that hard to do really. Bacon and cheese are really the main ingredients.

These guys were pretty tasty. Authentic which is cool. Made fresh in smaller batches. I like that. I am interested in trying their breakfast brats at some point.

Anyway, yes they are good. But not really cheap. You can get other brats by companies like Hillshire and others for half the price. they are a little more processed, but that's the scale you have to balance. You want cheap? or you want fresh?

Me, I want delicious.


The Atkins Bacon Scramble is simple enough. Eggs and bacon always work together. Add cheese and you have something great. And more cheese and you are really on to something.

Don't let the words "cheese sauce" scare you. It's totally a good idea here. It's a yummy bowl that nails what breakfast should be. No complaints here.